How To Dress On A Funeral

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Although funerals and cremations might not be the best place to talk about what to wear the tough decisions about what will be worn must be taken and it is quite definite that dressing for a funeral is quite distinct with dressing for any other occasion.

Many people worry about what they will wear during funerals and it is important not to look to either too casual or to be overdressed. So the question I, how do you dress on a funeral? When you dress suitably, you are sending a message that you are respectful to both the deceased and their loved ones. It is important that what you dress for at a funeral should have substance and be fashionable but dignified instead of being an attention grabber.

You can never go wrong with black, the unofficial funeral dress code; although you can always substitute that with navy blue or charcoal gray if you have nothing appropriate in black for the funeral in your wardrobe. As a man you can wear a black suit which is the traditional attire or a coat instead of putting on sports wear for example a sports jacket. A plain white shirt will do and you can have on a plain black tie to go with it.

If you don't have a suit you can put on a black or navy blazer. For those who do not have a suit or a blazer, you can simply wear a shirt and a tie but you can pass if you had on a black suit and a black turtle neck underneath which is a bit casual, contemporary but very okay. A black shirt and a black tie will be quite fine too.

It is always good to dress to fit in with the family and with the rest of the people. Ask yourself why you are going to the funeral. Because you are obviously going to offer your condolences and support to the family and to pay your last respects to the deceased, it is important to avoid the bright colors that communicate a convivial and merry mood. The bright and glowing colors and the boisterous designs are for merriment. Don't do jeans, fur, bold jeweler or sneakers.

Although there is no actual official dress code for a funeral, it is important to find out if the family members of the deceased have a preference for dress code. Correctness and self control are what are important here. Remember that funerals are a solemn occasion and treat them with the same spirit. It does not mean that you should not try to look great; it just means that you ought to be cautious when dressing up for a day like that.

When dressing for a funeral, remember that if you will be at the cemetery, you will be outdoors. It is important to consider what the weather will be. For warm weather, you can keep it light and have on a short sleeved shirt and in cold weather you can have on a sweater. Whichever way you dress, always bear in mind that it's a funeral you are going to.
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How To Dress On A Funeral

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This article was published on 2011/01/14